Blessed Saint Joseph

May 19, 2023 | Blog

One day during a visit to church, I sat in front of the Saint Joseph statue. I looked up and wondered what really was he like. I started to reflect on his life. God chose him among all men to be the foster father of Jesus. I am sure with his decision came a lot of ridicule and rejection. He simply ignored it.

What fears he must have had to overcome when he realized he was to be the protector of Mary and Baby Jesus. But his strong will guided the pregnant Mary on a donkey through unknown and dangerous land to Bethlehem. There surrounded by strangers he alone cared for Mary during the delivery of Jesus. He must have lovingly held Him in his arms knowing He would be the Savior of the world.

Once again God spoke to him in a dream warning him of the dangers from Herod. He was filled with fear again but quickly obeyed and trusted in God. He took Mary and Jesus to Egypt. It seemed they were always moving to new places. He had to adjust for himself and his family.

Joseph must have been so joyful to return to Nazareth. He would feel at home once again. Watching Jesus grow up filled him with such joy and happiness. He wanted to be a good role model so he gave Jesus the gift of carpentry, the only work that Joseph knew. How proud he must have been to see Jesus become a man. How happy he was to be a small part of it. His role was almost over. Jesus’ role was just to begin.

Thinking back to all those events I sort of had a clearer picture of the blessed saint before me. His trust in God, his strength and strong will to overcome fear and mostly his humility. What a role model for all fathers. So I looked up again at the statue of St. Joseph and said a prayer of petition for him to protect my family like he always did for the Holy Family.


– Anonymous

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