Emotions on Feelings

Aug 19, 2021 | Blog

In this episode of Moments of Grace, Carol continues the conversation of emotions on feelings and the 5 primary emotions. Carol reminds us that it is healthy and important to recognize our emotions as well as feel them. Feeling emotions allows us to heal, however it does not mean we have to act on them.

Carol discusses the reasons, purpose, and briefly discusses the distortion of emotions. The first emotion she speaks on is fear, which she explains as a natural survival response. Second, she discusses anger, an emotion that involves taking charge and self-protection. The third primary emotion Carol touches on is jealousy, which is a stimulus that propels and motivates us to grow. Typically, jealousy is a way for us to see if we can get something that someone else has. If we cannot have it then we learn to deal with it and accept what we do have. The fourth emotion Carol mentions is grief, which is the emotion that helps us deal with loss. The fifth and last emotion she touches on is love. Love involves care, concern, connections, and God is love, which lives in our hearts.

If you would like to learn more, watch Carol speak on what can happen when we do not express our feelings and how this can cause distortions amongst the 5 primary emotions.

For further help and support, we invite you to attend a retreat planned for September 17-19, featuring Barbara Campbell, Fr. Peter Kaczmarek, and myself at the Rosa Mystica Center. We will help you with the goal to not have your feelings control and ruin your life.

Learn more about the retreat and venue here.
But you also can now register here.

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