Living Waters Faith Helped Me

Apr 20, 2023 | Blog

When I went to LW I knew I needed guidance to get back to me… that was my goal… not to speak about my kids and changing them but to learn and do work on myself… so I could change me…

At that time I didn’t  make the connection that it was God placing you into my life at the very right  time to help and support me to pivot forward into the life I was meant to have and to see my goodness as He intended it.

Our work together has helped me grow in ways I never thought possible and I believe God placed you in my life for that very purpose, to help me get closer to Him and to feel His love for mean and to see myself as worthy and loved… to feel joy, love and peace even when circumstances call for other emotions.

I feel blessed to have had the time with you and wanted you to know that you really helped me get to such a better place and with confidence as long as I keep God at the center of all I do and am, I will continue to grow and trust in His will for me…

So thank you! And please keep me in your prayers,

With much gratitude, 

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