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No One Goes Thirsty

I told my wife, “Honey, look at this, a counseling service, for people with issues or concerns, that’s appears faith based, I didn’t even know there was such a thing”.


Life Line

Finding my way to Living Waters was a journey  and what a blessed and wonderful journey. As everyone knows “life is a journey” and sometimes things happen more than once. Finding the right therapist once at Living Waters was a gift but finding it a second time was God’s provision.

Janice is a warrior for our goals. I always feel that after spending time with Janice she is traveling with me on this journey with patience and kindness, she is not just a bystander. Janice is a life line with a true heart.


Better Version.

Meeting with Greg has help me to become a better version of myself then I ever thought I could be. I’ve discovered through our sessions, that when I slow down, my thought process is clearer, my thoughts are more focused and I am a lot kinder to myself and others. Greg‘s honesty, gentleness and compassion was exactly what I needed at this low point of my life. I am confident, compassionate, and more present today for not only my family and friends, but most importantly, for myself.


Power of Faith

My husband and I have been part of the Living Waters family for many years and we are very grateful to Barbara Campbell who has provided the most kind and compassionate care and counseling as we faced tremendous difficulty in our family. To us utilizing the power of our faith in Jesus Christ has given us the love and mercy needed to conquer and realize the plan that God has in our lives.


Enhanced Life.

Therapists are good listeners, but what makes an effective therapist is their ability to provide you with tools, exercises and practices that will help you heal and/or achieve your goals. This not only makes Tricia a GREAT therapist, but, in addition, she is constantly researching and implementing new techniques and modalities that will help her clientele enhance their own lives.

You will find Tricia provides a warm, caring, empathetic & safe environment for you to find healing and inner peace. Tricia helped me turn my life around and I am very grateful for her help and guidance.


Guidance and Grace.

Barbara Campbell is a constant source of guidance and grace in my life. She’s been my caring counselor and spiritual director.  I have confidence to make decisions through her weekly suggestions.


Easy to Confide.

John is an amazing person and one of the few people I find easy to confide in. Whenever there is an issue, John has helped me figure out my thoughts and resolve my inner conflict.


Hope Restored.

I came to Living Waters in a desperate state. My therapist, Madeline, through her clinical skills, her spirituality and her gentleness has helped me to have my hope restored. Madeline listens intently to my life’s struggles. She helps me to normalize some and to accept others. She gives me tools to deal with them.


Livin Waters Faith Helped Me

Our work together has helped me grow in ways I never thought possible and I believe God placed you in my life for that very purpose, to help me get closer to Him and to feel His love for mean and to see myself as worthy and loved… to feel joy, love and peace even when circumstances call for other emotions.


5 Stars for Living Waters.

I want to say thank you to Living Waters, especially to Robert for the wonderful counseling that I have received. He is a gifted social worker that has helped me to overcome many obstacles. I recommend anyone who is struggling to come to Living Water. The atmosphere is very inviting and the staff is very welcoming and caring. I am so glad I found Living Waters.


Changed Life.

I was introduced To Living Waters after mulling over whether or not to go to therapy for a period of time. I decided to give it a try. I wanted to improve myself as a person and my faith. Janice has helped me reach these goals. I can now navigate my life with much more ease. She has helped me understand my feelings and given me tools to work through very difficult times. I have felt a sense of calm and peacefulness during these difficult times because one of my new found strengths is an increase in faith. I would not be the person I am today if it were not for Janice and Living Waters. 



My life before therapy was extremely dangerous and heartbreaking. I was desperate for a change but I didn’t know how. I started my journey and through God’s grace I am tremendously better for it. I started going to a faith-based therapist named Barbara Campbell. She was amazing and listen to me about everything I was going through. She understood me and truly transformed my life in every way. I began daily journaling which help me to understand the values I had in life. I also started going to church and eventually converted to Catholicism. Thank you so much for my  counselor and mentor Barbara for changing my life.


A Different Approach.

I am so grateful to God and Carol for founding Living Waters and being my therapist. I have had different therapists through the years who gave me a very”ME centered” view of my self and the world. After a 30 plus year marriage, I was ready to divorce my spouse. After a change of focus for me and the introduction of what I need to change with God’s Grace, I am happy to say my marriage is thriving, my life is connected to My God and the best is yet to be. I am living life with a sense of gratitude beyond words.


Gifted Listener.

We learned about Living Waters through a friend in my parish. I was skeptical about the benefits of family counseling and feared it would be a waste of money. However, I was wrong. Our counselor, John, is a gifted listener and his insights have reassured me as a mother and a woman in Christ. My teenagers and I grow closer as a family and in our faith.


Living Waters is a Godsend.

Living Waters Counseling Center is a Godsend for our family.   When I was looking for a counselor for our family, it was important to find one who could relate to both my wife and me and our millennial-age son. From the very first contact with the administrator to my first meeting with our counselor, Joe, we all felt very comfortable and well cared for.  Joe is incredibly intuitive and empathetic at the same time. 

Within just a few short weeks, we began to see breakthroughs in our relationship and each week our understanding and communication continue to improve.


Gracia Aguas Vivas

Quiero agradecerle a María porque pude subirme al avión para viajar y no necesité tomarme pastillas. He estado con mi abuelita cuatro veces y me la he pasado de lo más bonito con mi familia después de 15 años. Le agradezco en el alma por toda su ayuda y sin ella esto jamás hubiese sido posible. Bendiciones.


Beyond the call of duty. 

I came to Carol for assistance in my need and she responded so deeply in action ( beyond the call of duty) which has touched my heart.  I was in agonizing pain when I came to therapy and I have been able to work through the feelings and surrender the losses. I now have a new life. I am grateful for her skills, her compassion and her patience.


Simply Blessed.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel when I think about the impact my counselor Greg has made in my life. Greg’s genuine understanding of personality, his patience and warmth makes him approachable and easy to trust. When speaking with him I always feel very comfortable opening up my heart and sharing my inner feelings. I can be honest about my feelings and just be myself since our relationship is based on trust, and that is mostly because there is never time that he has not been there to me. HE REALLY CARES.


New Gains.

A new way of living, happier more peaceful and serene, let’s judge-mental of myself and others and more loving has been gained  by working with Tricia King. Dealing with my past during sessions with Tricia has given me a new perspective on how to handle life‘s ups and downs. My life today is filled with more loving relationships, more tolerance for myself and others and a more empowering way to live life. I need not follow the path my past was leading me to. Today I choose kindness along with truth and honesty and do not accept abuse from anyone. I am grateful to God for putting Tricia in my life.


Our Warrior Angel.

I am so grateful and blessed for the counseling my son and I have received at this heavenly place called Living Waters. From the moment I walked in to the office I knew I could feel the presence of God. It felt peaceful and safe. I trusted my counselor with all my heart. It felt like Home. A safe haven to go to to receive good orderly direction to conquer life’s challenges and battles. I cannot express the importance of receiving the best counseling from professionals who share the same belief system and at the core the same spirit.  My counselor, Patricia King, has changed my life and my son’s life forever  by offering very insightful support love and suggestions during our counseling together. She’s a  blessing to us, our warrior angel!! We are a stronger family because of Living Waters, on the highway to heaven living our life’s to glorify God.


Understands my Faith. 

I sought out Living Waters because as a practicing Catholic I really needed a therapist who would understand my faith and not tell me “I am out of touch with the current culture” My therapist Amanda is both compassionate and challenging. She accompanies me on the journey of self discovery and at same time encourages me out if my comfort zone so that I am not stagnant in my quest for healing.


Rave Reviews!

I have nothing but positive things to say about Joseph Castrogiovanni, my therapist, as well as the counseling center as a whole. Each time I came for a session, I was seen on time and we utilized the time appropriately and efficiently. I received valuable feedback and advice in a nonjudgmental manner. When it came time for payment, the secretary was kind and respectful. I would definitely recommend Joe and Living Waters to anyone seeking counseling.