Keep Emotions From Ruining Your Life: A Moment of Grace with Carol

Jun 2, 2021 | Blog

Emotions or feelings are neither right nor wrong, yet it is important to understand how to keep them from ruining your life.

Many if not most people act on their feelings, which often results in chaos. To avoid this, feelings need to be looked at and acknowledged.

The brain is a very complicated organ. The frontal lobe does most of the thinking, yet feelings originate in the back of our brains, from the hippocampus and amygdala. Often feelings have their origins in past childhood experiences, cemented in by age 6. The intensity of our feelings arises from all feelings that have been stuffed in the back part of our brains from the past, and not necessarily from what is happening in the present moment.

To deal with your emotions, first recognize them as feelings. Next, accept them, whatever they are. Then share your feelings, either within yourself or with someone you trust. Do not act on them until you’ve examined the situation fully, making sure they are an accurate response to the circumstances of the moment.

Feel them to heal them. Once you feel your feelings, it lessens their intensity.

For further help and support, I invite you to attend a retreat planned for September 17-19, featuring Barbara Campbell, Fr. Peter Kaczmarek, and myself at the Rosa Mystica Center. We will help you with the goal to not have your feelings control and ruin your life.

Learn more about the retreat and venue here.
But you also can now register here.

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