Telemental Health: A Window into the Patient’s World

Feb 20, 2021 | Blog

One of the major truths of life is that everything changes, and to a certain extent, some things about people even change. Life is a process and nothing lasts forever except Gods Merciful love, and as we know from scripture, to everything there is a season. Change is a big part of life.

In 2020, that lesson was brought home to us. Life changed, so normal was redefined and a new normal is emerging for all of us.

The change I would like to address here is the new platform that rapidly emerged for mental health services. It is Telemental health. People are sharing the intimate details of their life through a screen, and it is not the same thing we are used to. However, going with the flow, keeps one in the flow!  Things change, and as long as the flow is not contrary to Gods Law, it makes sense to move with it. You can not be stuck and say “I don’t like the change”. Life is a process, not a concrete moment. It is always changing, so just look in a mirror and you’ll know life is changing!

There are advantages and disadvantages of Telemental health vs. in person sessions.

Disadvantages of Telemental Health

From my point of view, building trust is easier for people if they can see and actually experience the person. It is like the difference with watching a game in person or on TV. Since we have energy around us and see the whole person, TRUST, can build more quickly.  A person can learn more about the professional they are working with, by seeing the room and the valuables a clinician has in their room. It is like visiting someone in their home; lots of non verbals provide a sense of knowing for each person in the relationship.

Advantages of Telemental Health

On the other hand, Telemental health gives the clinician a window into the client’s world. The room, the pets, the children, the boundaries or lack of boundaries sometimes, the interference of others because of the demands of daily living.

There are pros and cons to Telemental health. Sometimes because of lack of space, privacy can be compromised.  Believe it or not, in this day and age, there still is some stigma about mental health services and using a platform provides more confidentiality to the world regarding ones actions.  There are times even for the most experienced person where the service on the internet can be frustrating, and it is similar to being stuck in traffic, going to an appointment.

But there is a convenience to not having to be with someone in person. Telemental health provides great accessibility. Here is an advantage cost wise; no travel and perhaps no childcare depending on the age of the children.

Nothing can really replicate being in the room with a person, but the services through Telemental health can be effective and bring about healing through the Lord. God works in the mystery of human lives to all who open up to the process and through the grace of Living Water. Living Waters accepts most insurances for both in person and telemental health sessions.

The Lord is after our hearts and He can get it through any medium – even electronics!

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