Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day: An “AND/AND”

Feb 20, 2024 | Blog

Celebrating Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day could be seen as “an either or” unless we look at it from another perspective. The somber, introspective nature of Ash Wednesday with the joyful, romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day may seem  contradictory. It is NOT if you look at as a chance to reflect on love in its various forms. Romantic love and spiritual love, both, in the context of sacrifice and commitment. Not as an oxymoron but an opportunity for a reflection on the TRUE meaning of LOVE—- Real LOVE.
Both are compromised of sacrifice, renewal and commitment. How does one deepen one’s connection to LOVE—- through acts of kindness and selflessness, using these actions to grow closer to loved ones, to humanity and to God. It is a unique journey to intertwine romantic love with a deeper, more profound spiritual journey to the source of all love.
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