What Is Love?

Mar 1, 2023 | Blog

So in these moments of Grace let’s look at the difference between what’s luck got to do with and What’s love got to do with it.

What is luck? People who believe in luck see life as something they do not directly control. Sometimes they believe that luck will be their defense mechanism to help them explain the chaos of life or how messy life is.

How we choose to look at life depends on our attitude, everything is in our perspective.

So why does one choose a therapist and in particular why does one choose a Catholic therapist???

One of the main reasons is that the therapist will guide the person to look at their mental health issues and relationship issues thru the lens of faith, thru the lens of love and thru the WISDOM  of the Holy Spirit as reflected in the Word of God made incarnate in the life of Jesus Christ.

If one believes that their lives and their relationships are based upon the randomness of the Universe then one’s attitude is that of a helpless human being whose actions or lack of actions have no cause or effect in one’s life. However, if one remembers that God loves us unconditionally and that even though one may consciously or unconsciously cause oneself pain but that God will bring good out of it then one can live their lives in expectant hope and become a victor instead of a victim. That is what love has to do with it.

A therapist can assist one to recognize the part that they may be playing to case their suffering. A therapist may assist a person to remove any blocks to their healing. And lastly, may assist a person to know that one is connected within themselves on a mind, body spirit level.

So may God’s Love guide you to a place of Healing and Peace.

That is what His Love has to do with it.

Thank you for listening.

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