It’s that time of year again.  Father’s Day! Some say it’s a tradition–take Dad to brunch, spend the day together etc. But it goes well beyond mere tradition.

It’s a day to honor and appreciate not only our biological fathers, but all paternal figures who had or has a hand in shaping who we are, our values, our memories and our guidance. Someone we can bounce ideas off of, knowing we will get an honest, loving and caring opinion that will contribute to our growth and contentment.  It epitomizes “the family” that strengthens bonds and encourages closeness that makes us all stronger and more accountable; building character and values.  Those who sadly don’t have these bonds and emotional connections, be it with a father figure or mother figure, or with God the Father, often go down paths not adherent to family values or the will of God.  God teaches us love and respect and He gives us these people in our lives to help guide us towards those goals. By honoring them we honor Him. 

As a side note, I lost my Dad young in life and my wife lost her dad even younger.  We were angry at first, not having a dad to celebrate on Father’s Day.  We regressed into some bad emotional states that was not conducive to our well-being.  Then God put our brother in law front and center, and he assumed the role of a dad so it was he we celebrated on Father’s Day.  In a big way.  God knew we were drifting and wandering and sure enough, He sent my brother in law to be one of His messengers.  Fathers and father figures, created by our Father, and directed to help and love us, how great is that!

On Father’s Day we can relate to God in several ways:

Gratitude—Just as we express our appreciation for our earthly fathers and figures, we can thank God for His love, guidance and provision.  Take time out; acknowledge His role as our heavenly Father.

Prayer—Spend time in prayer, reflecting on God’s fatherly attributes. Share your thoughts, concerns, and gratitude with Him. 

Scripture—Read passages that highlight God’s fatherhood.  For instance, the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) begins with “Our Father”.

Worship—Sing hymns or songs that highlight God’s love.  Praise Him for His mercy on us and gifts He has bestowed.  Without Him there is no us. Go to church!

Reflection—Consider how God’s character aligns with the best qualities of earthly fathers. I enjoy meditating on His unconditional love and forgiveness and His gift of those qualities in all of us.

Our relationship with God is deeply personal, and Father’s Day provides an opportunity to connect with Him.

Enjoy and cherish it!  

Happy Father’s Day